Technology Services & Specialty Consulting

The professionals in Signal Hill’s Technology Services & Specialty Consulting practice have a 26-year history of advising and working with organizations whose solutions, thought leadership and models span the myriad facets of technology and business. Long-term and trusted relationships across industry acquirers, investors and executives are cornerstones of our practice and leadership in this sector. 

We offer significant expertise in different consulting and services business models, and their nuances and valuation implications, and deep knowledge of such areas as Vertical Focus, Application Development and Deployment, Internet and e-Commerce, IT Operations and Support, Outsourcing, and Infrastructure, to name a few.

Signal Hill’s record of more than 230 successful IT Services and Specialty Consulting M&A transactions — unequalled by any other investment bank — includes transactions with some of the world’s largest companies, among them IBM, EMC, HP, Accenture, Deloitte, Microsoft and PwC.